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Welcome to G+ Homepage 

G+ is a common Genetic Algorithm control developed as part of my MSc dissertation. It is a language independent component which means it can be used in any language such as VB and Delphi, as long as it supports COM standard. G+ is developed based on the famous C++ library GAlib. It is free. Licensing and copyright details are available.

G+ provides the user with a great flexibility by allowing a variety of user defined operators. The main features of G+ are listed below:

The G+ control can be downloaded from this web site with examples and documentations. It has been tested under various problems such as  multi-variable mathematical functions and TSP problems. The result shows that G+ is a very powerful tool for using genetic algorithms to do optimization tasks.

The the instructions for distribution of G+ are also available on this web site.

If you have any queries or want to report bugs, please e-mail to

Weidong Yuan, 20 September 2004

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